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A Bathroom remodel is an investment in your home, you need experts to build your home remodel the right way, which is why at DME Exteriors & Interiors we strive to build the bathroom of your dreams. DME Exteriors & Interiors transforms your bathroom into a beautiful, fresh new, modern look. We want you to love being in your home, which is why we offer premier interior remodeling services.

About Us


is a full service, licensed interior remodeler that specializes in Bathroom Remodeling. 


We service a 100 mile radius from Whapeton ND and Breckenridge MN and we are licensed in both ND and MN. This include cites like Hankinson ND, Fergus Falls MN, Detroit Lakes MN, and of course Fargo ND.


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Bathroom Remodeling

Maybe you feel that your bathroom is a little lackluster and is in need of an upgrade. We can create a beautiful new bathroom for your home. Our bathroom remodeling offers a wide variety of different benefits for you the homeowner.

Increase in Home Value

Replacing an older bathroom can bring up the value of your home significantly. Replacing your outdated bathroom features such as baths, sinks, and toilets can bring up the value of your home by a few thousand dollars. If you are looking to sell your home in the future, a remodeled bathroom both increases the value of your home while also making your home easier to sell by making it more attractive to home buyers.

Correct Faulty Features

There may be older and faulty features of your bathroom, such as a leaky faucet, cracked tile, or any other broken aspect of your bathroom. Faulty bathroom features can waste money and water, while also possibly posing an injury threat to you or your family.

Bathroom Windows

While remodeling your bathroom you have the option to upgrade any older windows to new high quality windows. We can install a wide variety of windows, depending on your needs to give you the privacy that you need. Our windows also offer high functionality for easy everyday use.


Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinets are an important part of your bathroom. Our bathroom remodels can increase your cabinet space or we can build new cabinets to fit your needs. Both options increase the space and functionality of your bathroom.

Make Your Bathroom More Modern

A bathroom remodel can bring your bathroom back from a vintage look to a much more modern look. This modern look can be much more appealing to the eyes of you, your family, and your guests. There are countless bathroom renovations that can be made to your bathroom.

He showed up when he said he would be there, and did a good job on what we wanted done. He was very good at getting the needed people we needed to get the job that we wanted done.

Jolene Beeson

I had Dan come and do a quote and after he properly explained everything we decided to do the whole thing. He and his team were extremely helpful and listened to our needs, wants and concerns through the whole process. We are very excited with the end result. Would recommend for any work you want done on the outside of your home, business or otherwise.

David Hoppe 

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